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What BIM is

Building Information Modelling or Building Information Management (abbreviated to BIM) is the process of creating and managing data about a building throughout its lifecycle. BIM is fundamentally a digital model that represents a physical and functional object together with its characteristics. It serves as an open database of information about a building for its construction and operation throughout its lifecycle, and enables the effective sharing of information among all participants in the construction process.
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What IFC is

The exchange and sharing of building information and data between applications developed by various software producers uses the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) open file format developed by the international buildingSMART association. It is a text file that can easily be used for transferring data between various applications.
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The IFC initiative was started in 1994, when Autodesk established an industry consortium for the development of C++ classes supporting application development. This consortium, originally called the Industry Alliance for Interoperability, changed its name to the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) in 1997, and then to buildingSMART in 2005.
The members of the international buildingSMART alliance initiated the Open BIM idea. Open BIM is a modern approach to interdisciplinary cooperation between individual partners in AEC. The goal of the Open BIM activity is to help coordinate efforts in the promotion and introduction of workflows through Open BIM. For example, by providing common definitions, requirements and labelling. The Open BIM community is constantly growing. The Czech website is managed by the Czech BIM Council. The Open BIM idea is nicely explained in a short video here.
The Czech BIM Council is an organisation that wants to focus on Building Information Modelling systematically and over the long term, not only from the perspective of international application, but also with regard to the specifics of the Czech environment (standards, legislation etc.) in practice. Our company, di5 architekti inženýři, which is involved in the development of the Bim.Point tool, is an active collective member of the Czech BIM Council

Useful files - free download

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Bim.Point – manuály

online manuál Bim.Point Wiki
Export modelu Revit do IFC - podrobný postup, jak správně nastavit export modelu Revit do IFC pro Bim.Point
Export Revit to IFC for Bim.Point - english version
Export modelu Archicad do IFC - podrobný postup, jak správně nastavit export modelu ArchiCad do IFC pro Bim.Point
Export modelu Allplan do IFC - podrobný postup, jak správně nastavit export modelu Allplan do IFC pro Bim.Point

Files to download

Bim.Point – propagační materiály

BIM informace
BIM příručka pro investory od czBIM. Úvod do problematiky BIM z investorského pohledu a odpovědi na nejčastější otázky k tématu.
Stanovisko MPO k vyhlášení IFC formátu jako nediskriminačního pro veřejné zakázky

ČSN ISO 16739 Data Format Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for sharing data in the construction industry and in facility management. Prague: Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing, August 2014. 4 pages + CD ROM. Classification mark 73 0109

Files to download

Minimum and recommended system Requirements

Here is an overview of minimum and recommended requirements for the smooth running of Bim.Point.

Minimum System Requirements:

• Internet connection
• web browser WebGL (compliance test

Recommended System Requirements:
• Internet connection 15 mbit/s
• web browser WebGL, Google Chrome (compliance test
• mouse-enabled
• dedicated video card 512MB (not integrated into the motherboard)
• processor Intel i3 3. generation

Pricing - introductory prices

For average size of the building

  •   housing - 1 000 m2 - 25 EUR/month
  •   office building - 3 000 m2 - 90 EUR/month
  •    industry- 3 000 m2 - 75 EUR/month

Price for one project include

  • 10 users
  • 1GB space for attachments
  • 10 IFC models

The initial project setup, training and support

  • about 1-2 annual fee, based on the calculation of complexity

For your specific project we will prepare a detailed offer. Send us your enquiry.